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Anglia ESOL International examinations are administered and delivered through our networks of authorised Local Agents around the world. Anyone who can demonstrate the experience and commitment to carry out the tasks can be a Local Agent. Most Local Agents either work as consultants and agents in education and training or have experience of the administration, distribution and delivery of examinations or both.

Becoming an Anglia ESOL Local Agent is a great business opportunity and an exciting venture. Local Agents hold a

franchise for a particular area or areas. Franchises may be exclusive or non-exclusive depending on the relationship

between the franchisee and the region. Our commitment to excellent customer service and the fulfilment of local needs means that exclusive franchises are only issued for areas in which the Local Agent l lives and works.

If you are interested in applying to become an Anglia ESOL Local Agent, please  send an email to the Examinations Administrator with “Expression of interest to become a Local Agent” in the subject line and include in brief the following information where applicable to your institution, agency or business:

  • The region or area in which you would like to act as an Anglia ESOL Local Agent
  • Full contact details
  • Website address
  • Which level examinations you are most interested in and a very brief outline of the numbers of candidates you envisage
  • Your previous experience as an education agent, institution owner/head or deliverer of examinations
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