Our team works tirelessly in finding the right educational institution for your child. We provide bespoke services to fit your child’s needs. When meeting with parents and students, we listen carefully to their needs. This will allow our consultants to have a very good understanding of the student’s previous and current school performance. Depending on which year group the student is and the families specific criteria our consultants will draw an educational plan that will match the student with the prospective school or university.

Our approach:

  1. Initial Conversation – Our team will arrange a meeting with the parents and children to understand their needs and do an initial observation.
  2. Student Academic Assessment – Assessments are very important for the way we operate as it allows us to better understand the student’s academic level and potential.
  3. Feedback and recommendations – Our education consultants will provide parents with their feedback and they will discuss different options with them to ensure that we can create a plan that will fit the child’s needs.
  4. School and University – Selecting the right educational institution means that students will settle into the new educational environment and be able to perform better academically.
  5. School and University application – Once parents and students have made their choices, our team will start the application process and will ensure that parents are kept up to date with the application procedure.
  6. Interview preparation – Depending on the school or university the student is applying for, our academic team will prepare the student for the academic interview. The purpose of this process is to support the student to feel more comfortable and confident during the interview.
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